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How to Avail Lexmark Printer Technical Support?

Lexmark is a popular printing brand headquartered in America. This brand is known for providing top-notch laser printers and amazing solutions. If you are looking for a sorted solution for your Lexmark technical assistance needs, here is the complete guide decked with official links will help you find the right Lexmark support for your product and related problem.

What Does the Package of Lexmark Support Contain?

Lexmark offers a well-sorted support range, here is what all you can avail from the official Lexmark customer support services of Lexmark:

Device support:

This support section is quite neat and intuitive. All you need is to enter the product name in the text file provided and hit Go to find the best support for your product.

It includes the following categories:

Inkjet printers:

  • All-in-one inkjet printers.
  • Consumer Inkjet.
  • Inkjet Smart Solution.

Laser Product:

  • Color Laser.
  • Monochrome Laser.
  • Multifunctional Laser.


  • MFP Apps.
  • Mobile solutions.
  • Software solutions.

This section includes almost every product and service offered by Lexmark. Click on your respective choice and it will lead you to solution page, where you need to enter your problem or related keyword in the provided field and you will get articles containing solutions for your problems. Also, you can download the firmware for your device from the same page.

Virtual Technical Support:

This support section will lead you to the remote access support also known as virtual support for Lexmark printers. The support service executives will help you by remotely accessing your device and troubleshoot the halting portion to provide you the smooth functioning of your respective device. All you need to do is to enter the 6 digit pin you receive after logging in to the support page and click Accept.

Inkjet Premium Support:

This is the next level of technical assistance for user subscribed for a premium membership. One can avail personalized and precise support. The technicians will get into your device virtually and troubleshoot the halts and optimize its performance for quality outputs. With a premium subscription, one can benefit Lexmark help even for non-warranty products and services. Above all, you can reach the experts via toll-free means of contact. One can take help for configuration, setup, and customization of their respective Lexmark printer. It also includes training, tips, and tricks to achieve the peak performance of your product.

Find a service provider:

It is very easy to find a support service provider in your area. All you need is to move to the given link and enter a location, product and select category for your respective product. You will receive the contact information of the nearest service provider. If your model isn’t available in the list, contact Lexmark printer helpline at 1-888-539-6275.

Drivers and download:

This page will allow you to download the respective latest drivers which support Lexmark printer properly. Enter your printer model or product, the operating system you are using, version of OS, and the language you are comfortable with. Hit the Submit button to get the link to download the latest drivers for your printer.

Universal Print Driver:

One can use a particular set of drivers for the complete range of Lexmark printing products. The standard driver’s works for all models and versions. Also, those who have multiple Lexmark devices won’t need to install different drivers, just install the Universal Print Driver for all sort of the variants of Lexmark printers.

The main highlights of the Universal Print Drivers are the support for 22 languages and more than 200 printers.

Device Firmware:

If you want to update the firmware for your printer you can simply fill in the name of your printer and hit submit and then you can update the printer’s firmware.

Operating System Printer Compatibility Chart

It is important to check the operating system compatibility with your printer. So that you can check that what driver you need in order to use your Lexmark printer in the best manner.

Check the list for your printer’s model using the link given above.

Product Registration:

The product registration page will help you register your product for Lexmark’s warranty. You can choose the location and fill the required details to register. It just takes a few minutes to complete registration but has an array of benefits.

Warranty Information:

To get the details for the warranty of your Lexmark printer’s model, you can use the given link:

You can apply for the extended warranty, check warranty status and place an order to replace the parts under warranty.

Tech Library:

You can get the complete knowledge of the technical aspects such as manual and guides for various products, information for drivers and downloads and the knowledge about the different issues and their respective solution.

Introduction of third-party Lexmark Printer support

Apart from the official means from official technical support, one can get in touch with third-party support services provider. The official support offers paid real-time assistance only to premium users, but with third-party Lexmark support, every user can avail the facility of real-time assistance.

Contact the independent Lexmark printer tech support and get the better support through experts who are certified, qualified and extensively trained to serve the trouble use efficiently.

Services offered by Lexmark technical support number:

Lexmark customer service:

Printers are used for several purposes and hence required proper attention and care. From regular servicing to error troubleshooting, the Lexmark printer helpline offers full support for every need of the user.

Lexmark Driver support:

The right set of drivers are essential to run your printer accurately. Therefore, Lexmark printer support phone number help the users to find and install correct drivers to get the optimum performance from your printing device.

Lexmark troubleshooting:

It is normal to face errors while using a machine and same goes for Lexmark printers. So, Lexmark printer troubleshooting is now offered through toll-free numbers which connect you with the third party support provider. The team of techies will help you fix the errors from the root and help you optimize the performance of your printer.


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