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How to Login Yahoo Mail|Fix All Yahoo Email Login Problems
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Everything You Need to Know About Yahoo Login and Problems

Yahoo is leading the web industry for a long time. Yahoo has made it easy to use multiple services with just a single account. In other words, if you have one Yahoo account, you are eligible for plenty of other Yahoo services. Another quality that Yahoo is famous for; the interactive interface that makes it easy to navigate for novices as well. Like any other web service, you need to begin by signing in. Here we are attempting to explain all minors and majors about Yahoo mail login and tricks to deal with various technical or general obstacles.

Let’s start with;

How to Log-in with Yahoo Using Different Platforms:

How to Sign-in on Yahoo with Mobile Browser:

  • Open any browser on your mobile device and visit the Yahoo login page.
  • Now click on the profile icon.
  • Select Sign-in
  • Enter your Yahoo ID and then Next
  • Now, type your password and then click sign-in

Yahoo Mail Sign-in from Desktop Browser:

  • Open the Yahoo sign-in page
  • Type the Yahoo ID
  • Select “Stay signed in” if you want to keep your credentials even after closing browser
  • Tap “Next” to continue
  • Type your password and hit the sign-in button
Yahoo Email Login Problems

on Yahoo Mail App:

  • Click on the Sidebar icon.
  • Select Sign-in
  • Type your Id and then Next
  • Now, enter the password
  • Click Sign-in

let’s Understand the Yahoo Sign-in Process for Android and iPhone

For Android

  • First, open your device and download the Yahoo application from the play store
  • Once the downloading is gets completed, open the app and login with the correct set of username and password
  • Now use Yahoo emails smoothly

For iPhone

The iPhone sign-in process might be a bit complex and different from other operating systems. But you can give a try for underneath steps for simple and plain login.

  • Go to the settings and then password and accounts
  • Now add an account, then choose Yahoo and login with user id and password

Yahoo Sign-in Page Explained:

Yahoo has a very simple and self-explanatory interface that is quite easy to interact with. Let’s see what all the options you get on

White background with purple-blue contrast; the sign-in screen of Yahoo is quite appealing. Every element is visible due to vibrant fonts.

The first thing you see is the “email address field” where you can see the same written in light grey color. This is the place where you enter your Yahoo username or email address.

Just below the “email address” there is a huge blue button with “Next” written over it. This is meant to be clicked after entering the email address. This button will let you continue the process of signing-in.

Below the “Next” button, there are two options “Stay signed in” is just an alternative to “remember my password”. This helps you sign-in without entering the password next time.

Besides “Stay signed in” there is another option named as “difficulty signing in?” This is the button that lets you recover your login information in case of forgotten or lost Yahoo password or username.

The last option you will see is the “Create account” button that will help you generate a new account with Yahoo. So to begin Yahoo sign up, just tap this button and follow the on-screen prompts.

Though the Yahoo sign-in process is a duck-soup, some errors may steal the smoothness of process and such errors as known as “Yahoo mail login errors”. But there is nothing you worry, we have apt solutions that can help you fix the Yahoo sign-in issues in no time.

Yahoo Email Login Problems and their Solutions:

Yahoo mail login issues can have one or multiple origins, depending upon the nature of the issue. Therefore, every issue needs to be fixed in a specialized manner that is given here.

Forgotten Yahoo Email Password:

It is one of the most common errors as these days users have to handle a bunch of passwords and thus forgetting one out of so many passwords, is very obvious. So, if you have forgotten Yahoo password, get it back with the method given below:

  • First, go to the Yahoo login page
  • Click “Trouble signing-in” button
  • Now, enter the phone number or email address you used to create the account, recovery email address or recovery phone number
  • You will be provided with a code, that you need to enter on Yahoo recovery page
  • Once you are done providing the code, create a new password for your account
  • Now, you need to sign-in using the new password.

Important Note: The same method is effective when you forgot your Yahoo email address.

How Can I change my Yahoo Mail password on my mobile phone?

You can change the Yahoo mail password on mobile, desktop and smartphones using the Yahoo application or using a browser. Yahoo application is fully loaded with advanced features that provide the user-friendly experience. To change the password follow the underneath steps.

  • Go to the Yahoo account security page to manage the password concern.
  • In case you are using the Yahoo Mail app, tap Manage Accounts.
  • Now Account info.
  • Then Security settings.
  • Enter the code you get on your phone.
  • Tap on Change password.
  • Now select the “I would rather change my password”.
  • Finally, enter the same password multiple times to confirm it
  • Now continue using the account with the new password.

Locked Yahoo Mail Account:

If your Yahoo account is locked, there could be a long line of triggering causes. The “Locking” takes place from Yahoo’s end, if:

  • There is a security risk on your account
  • your account has performed a suspicious activity
  • If the login attempts have taken place from unidentified or different locations.

To fix this issue, you can wait for 24-48 hours, and Yahoo automatically unlocks it after a certain period. But if you need to access your account immediately, you can take help from the sign-in helper of Yahoo and verify your identity using the recovery information. The process is similar to that of the password recovery process.

Hacked Yahoo Account:

This is the spookiest issue that is a nightmare of every Yahoo user. But in such issues, keeping your patience is the key. All you need is to recover your password immediately and upgrade the account-security. To retrieve your Hacked Yahoo account, follow these steps:

  • Go to Yahoo sign-in helper
  • Enter your Yahoo email-id and then “difficulty in signing-in”
  • Now, use the recovery information to verify your identity
  • Provide the code you receive on the email address or phone number.
  • Create a new password
  • Now, update the recovery information and give a boost to your security settings

To avoid hacking attempts in the future, enabling “Two-factor authentication” and “Yahoo security key” is a very useful practice.

Invalid Password or Username:

These were the major sign-in issues that Yahoo users face, but there are many other tiny errors such as “Invalid password or username” that can keep you from signing-in to your Yahoo account. If you are having problems similar to this, the tricks given below can act as savior:

  • Make sure that the “Number Lock” and “Caps Lock” keys are not activated.
  • The browser you are using is up to date, as the outdated browsers can create problems while using web-mails.
  • When we share passwords with other people; it makes our account unable to login issues as other users may change your password without letting you know. In such cases, recovering your password is the best option. Also, do not share your new password with anyone.

How to Fix Not Receiving Verification Key Issue?

There are chances that the Yahoo users do not receive the account verification code or key. In such cases, the below given methods can help you fix the issue:

  • Make sure you are not using landline number as the SMS can only be sent to mobile numbers.
  • If your device or particularly sim card is working fine
  • The alternate number or email addresses you have provided is correct.
  • Make sure that the email address is not been deleted from the recovery information.
  • Check your Spam folder for verification email
  • Make sure that your ISP is not blocked.

What are the Types of Verification Account?

Verification of the Yahoo account is a compulsory task, you should verify the account in order to keep it safer and highly secure from a range of problems. Furthermore, in Yahoo, you can use the phone number for verifying the account, without verification your account creation process might not get completed. You can verify the account during the signup process along with two options. First is using “Text me an Account key” where you get the account key on phone number as a text message. Second is using “Call me with an Account key”, in this you will get the call from Yahoo auto bot along with yahoo account verification key.

How do I log into My Yahoo Account without Verification Code?

Yahoo email services are used by billions of users worldwide, due to its incredible features. One such amazing security feature of Yahoo is; two-step verification which doubles the safety of users' accounts. In the two-step verification feature, users need to enter the code whenever they log into the Yahoo account. But in case, when a user loses their access from the phone number, it becomes tough to access account. In order to login without code in case of lost number, try to sign in from the browser using the email address. After login turn off the two-step verification code from the settings.


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