Work According To the Top Three Ranking Signals of Instagram for Better Engagement

The Instagram algorithm keeps on changing constantly and therefore it is important for you, as a marketer, to know how it works. This will help you to design your Instagram marketing strategies according to its requirements and ensure you reach out to a larger audience all over the world.

  • The new Instagram algorithm decrees the order of Instagram posts as seen by the users when they scroll through your feed. 
  • It is based on a few specific signals which enable it to prioritize posts so that the most relevant ones are pushed to the top.

This means that the Instagram algorithm determines the visibility of a post pushing other unimportant contents further down in the feed.

There are a few specific ranking factors that are considered by the Instagram algorithm for this purpose. Knowing these signals will help you design your Instagram strategy. These factors are:

  • Relationship with the user that includes interaction with your past content
  • Interest was  shown by the users with other similar posts and 
  • The recency of the post.

All these three factors determine which posts should be pushed high up on the feed and which to be placed further down. 

The algorithm all considers some other factors such as: 

  • The number of accounts followed by the users 
  • The time spend by the users on a particular post and more.

All these factors together will influence your Instagram marketing strategy and therefore it is essential that you adapt your approach so that you can reach out to more of your customers.

The top three ranking signals

Now that you know the top three ranking signals considered by Instagram algorithm, it is time to delve deeper into the matter.

Relationship involves the interaction of the users with a particular post. The algorithm considers your post and the user is close when:

  • They leave a comment on it
  • They have notifications enabled for the account
  • There is an exchange of DM with each other and 
  • You tag each other in the posts.

This ensures that the users see more than 90% of the posts that they receive from their friends and family.

Interest is what the algorithm predicts based on the past behavior of the users on the posts. The process involves machine vision or image recognition technology. This helps in assessing the content of a post. The Instagram algorithm does this much similar way as Facebook and YouTube algorithm filter and recommend any content. 

Timeliness is another factor considered by the Instagram algorithm to decode which posts to be shown first? The key aspect is here is the behavior of the audience and posting when they are online.

The other Instagram algorithm factors include:

  • Frequency of use or how often a user opens the app
  • Following count which is inversely proportional with viewing a post and 
  • Session time or usage.

Ideally, a user spending an hour on Instagram will tend to scroll further to the back catalogue to see more posts, which in marketing terms underperforming of posts. On the other hand, when a user spends on five minutes to scan your feed will catch only the greatest hits.

Affecting the advertisers

Most of the marketers now use Instagram to launch their new product or promote their brand but the Instagram Algorithm affects their advertising strategies. This is because the image recognition technology needs to organize all the posts based on the image and video content instead of the hashtags.

This is in a way good for the advertisers because the posts will not look spammy with extensive use of hashtags. It will also make sure that the captions are not intrusive. The only this you need to make sure is that you post only those contents that are similar to what the target audience engages with on a regular basis.

When it comes to the relationships factor, it is highly informative to show the users the content they interact with most often. Therefore, you should make sure that you:

  • Refine your posts
  • Encourage views
  • Get more likes and comments and 
  • Ensure that you stay on the top in the feeds of the users.

This will help you to make a strong online video presence in spite of the fact that the Instagram algorithm does not favor images or videos.

Strategies and tactics to follow

Working according to the signals of the Instagram algorithm is not an easy job. There are a few specific tactics and strategies to follow to get better engagement and results. You can take a cue from sites like others for that matter to guarantee that more users see your content.

One of the most important things to consider is to improve the quality of your photos. This will surely help you to rank higher in the feeds of your followers. Creating great content may be a no-brainer but it is hard to ensure that it looks good in the eyes of the beholder. If you want to cerate most shared and liked content on Instagram make sure that it has:

  • Bold colors
  • Magnificent landscapes and more.

This will make the users stop, see it and eventually “Like” it. It is only then you will stay ahead of the curve.

The next most important thing to consider is to continue publishing Stories consistently because this has a lot of on the Instagram algorithm. Therefore, select only the most popular type of content, to have higher engagement. Make sure that these are authentic to pop up your profile and push your posts on top of the feeds of your followers.

Be a social butterfly

You must get involved with the Instagram feed of the users or their Stories to make Instagram algorithm remember you. Be social and send some kind of reaction, a simple communication or turn on the notifications on your comments. You can even send an emoji to every reaction to make all the difference. 

The bottom line is, if you show respect and love to your users and Instagram algorithm, they will love you back and rank you higher in the feeds.

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