Top 5 Facebook Hacks to Prove Yourself a Pro


Facebook has a massive database for being a standout social media platform. You can spend hours on FB without getting bored. There is a lot to do with your FB account, all you need is a snooping mind. Here we are having a treat for those who are looking for interesting hacks to do something out of the box. missing

Some of the craziest hacks you must try if you are bored with the regular scrolling.

Hack 1: Post a status via SMS

It’s normal to have a Facebook application installed on your device. Even in most of the Androids, the app comes pre-installed. Using app is quite simple as we all know, but here we are introducing a quirky way to post on FB using the SMS. Opening your FB account means timeless scrolling because “Facebook is like fridge, we open it again and again, knowing that there is nothing inside.”

So, if you want to save your time from the hypnotism of Facebook or want to make a quick post without having the access to FB application, you can simply do it with an SMS.

All you need is to once add your number to Facebook and then, you are free to post. Go to the Settings of your device and then Mobile. Click Add a phone and if you already not have added the one. This step is only for those who haven’t added the mobile number to their FB profile yet. Continue by choosing the wireless carrier and then click “Next”. After this, send an SMS of “F” to Facebook’s SMS number (32665).

Next, confirm your phone number by providing the verification code you receive on your mobile and then select the privacy status for your number. It is recommended not to choose “Share my phone number with my friends” and “Allow friends to text me from Facebook”.

So, when you are done putting your number, you can send your post via SMS to the FB SMS number, and this is how you can add your status via text messaging.

There is a lot more you can do via texting:

    • Get OTP when you forget your FB account password
    • Receive regular texts regarding FB updates
    • Turn off the FB notifications via text
    • Get Help for managing your updates via text

Hack 2: Trace the location of the person:

We make several random conversations with anonymous people on Facebook. Sometimes we come across profiles which seem very suspicious and thus knowing their location becomes a curiosity. So to identify whether a person is Fake or not, try tracking the location using the method given below.

So, here we will be tracking the IP address of the profile which you find suspicious. You can record the location of the person/profile by scanning the address. The method is quite simple yet very effective.


At first, you need to close all the background applications and start a conversation with the person whom you want to track. Now, press Windows and R keys simultaneously.

Step 2:

Type “cmd” in the prompted box and hit enter

Step 3:

Next, on the command prompt, you need to type the netstart-an and hit Enter

Step 4:

Here you can find the IP address of the person, note it down

Step 5:

Scan the IP address to find the location of the person and this way you can determine whether you want to continue the chat or block the person.

Hack 3: Download Facebook videos:

Few of the Facebook videos are lit and you want to keep them with you for offline access. Unfortunately, there is no simple way to download a video from FB. But some videos encourage us to do a little extra in order to save them. If you have come across a video which has touched your soul, this hack is for you. Let’s unveil the process through which you can save a video from Facebook.

There are various websites offering free download of FB videos. Some of the most authentic ones are:


These are the topmost video downloader sites which you can use to download the FB videos.

Pick any of the above-given sites and follow the step to download your FB videos.

    • First, make sure you are signed in to your FB app and now choose the video you want to save on your device
    • Now copy the URL of the video by right-clicking on the video and choosing “Show video URL”
    • Next, open the selected website on your browser and paste the URL you copied
    • Choose an option from “Download in normal quality” or “download in HD quality”.
    • Next click on the three-dot icon you can see on right side of the video and choose “Download”, the video will be downloaded within a few minutes.

Note: Some websites provide three step download whereas few of them require the additional fourth step. For example: “Fbdown” and “down video” need the extra step. Do as per the needful.

This is how you can download FB videos without a paid third-party tool and enjoy your favorite videos without any internet connection.

Hack 4: Flip the video upside down:

This Facebook hack is totally fun. Remember the days of school when we use screens upside down in computer class, let’s recall it but now with Facebook. Play a prank with your friends and collect some funny memories. You can similarly flip Facebook on the screen of your device. If you are doing it on your friends’ or siblings’ account, you can simply go to the language settings menu and choose the Upside Down language. Control your laugh while watching other person puzzled.

Hack 5: Change the default color of FB theme:

If you are done with the blue theme of Facebook, you can use different bold and vibrant backgrounds for a livelier look. Making Facebook more attractive than before is an absolute cake-walk.

Let’s be creative and change the default FB theme with the given steps:

For Mozilla Firefox:

    • Start by installing the “Stylish” tool on your device. The completion of the download will take a few minutes.
    • Now open the and click the “S” button. Click on Find Style for this site, and open the new tab which displays the entire range of new themes. There are various free themes available to choose from. Set the most appealing theme for your FB account.
    • Click on “Install and Stylish” button available at the top right corner of the page.
    • Next, on the dialog box, click on the Install button.

The process remains the same for Google Chrome and other web browsers. So enjoy a new theme and change whenever you get bored without paying anything.

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