Reasons Why Now Is the Best Time to Include TikTok in Your Social Marketing Stratagem

Any marketer worth his salt will tell you that you can only get so far being a follower. Being a leader in thought and action and being proactive in terms of seeking out new trends or strategies can go a long way in establishing marketing dominance. TikTok is one of the channels that enterprising marketers have decided to make the jump to more recently. It is still a nascent marketing platform, but the risk-reward ratio is huge for anyone willing to take the plunge.

There is no reason for TikTok to not work out as a marketing platform- the developers have been more than welcoming of marketers and brands on the network, and it is far from the first network of its kind to be used by marketers to tout their wares. The success of Snapchat and Instagram should prove to be an excellent motivator for online marketers to put in the time, effort, and money and start a TikTok promotional campaign. You have the early mover advantage as the big networks are saturated already, and you can more rapidly establish yourself as an influencer because of this.

What Went Wrong With The Original Social Networks?

The “big four” social networks namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pioneered the shift to online and social marketing as well as optimization. While most brands now consider it imperative to have a solid presence on these platforms, you will find that most marketers do this begrudgingly, and are quite dissatisfied with the experience. It is hard to break into a saturated network with established players serving in your niche and doing what you want to do with much more effective marketing already in place.

On the other side, users on these platforms are irritated as well, since the sheer amount of ads and promotions that these networks shove in their faces mean that the signal to noise ratio is extremely low and they aren’t gathering enough value from the experience. Further, boosting your presence on these sites has become a trivial matter with services readily
available to increase your likes and followers for a few quick dollars. The system is, hence, quite skewed towards those with more money to spend, while also being unable to discriminate between genuine quality content and inorganically boosted content.

The Flamboyant Entry of TikTok: The Most Rapidly Growing Social Networking Site of the Decade

During the current social distancing and self-isolation, we find that TikTok has assumed a somewhat new status and appeal. It has been successful in cutting across class and age barriers. Social issues seem to be discussed in this platform and quarantine ideas seem to have become a major hit. We understand the WHO or the World Health Organization has made its debut on this versatile social media platform with a video in February and the video was all about “How to protect you from the coronavirus”. This was a runaway hit and WHO has since then come up with 19 videos and has a phenomenal follower base comprising 1.7 million followers.

As per, TikTok’s secret to success depends predominantly on its effective use of music along with an exceptionally powerful algorithm that quickly learns precisely what kind of content users are interested to see. The algorithm gathers vital information much faster as compared to most other apps. Users are free to make their choice from an amazingly exhaustive database of movie clips, songs, and filters to lip-sync to. In July 2019, TikTok had globally one billion downloads and it boasted of 500 million active users. In July 2020, just a year later we find that they had two billion downloads worldwide and approximately 800 million active users.

An unanticipated consequence of COVID-19 and social distancing or home isolation is that the social media elites globally have embraced TikTok for combating anxiety and boredom. There has been a major increase in user downloads once nations across the globe went into home isolation and close down. With TikTok’s phenomenal mass popularity, everyone is about to see another paradigm shift in the current social media landscape.

Several social media marketing specialists such as Rachel Pederson, Gary Vee have been keeping a constant eye on the hype that is being generated around TikTok and they seem to be more than sure that TikTok would be playing a pivotal role in the social media marketing scenario.

As TikTok is supposed to be a fresh new platform, it is primarily focused on attracting more users instead of focusing on monetizing the channel aggressively. As such, marketers are able to take advantage of the powerful platform simply by spending just on content generation and they are currently garnering maximum reach over a very short span. Moreover, thanks to TikTok’s challenge feature, it is possible for you to engage with Generation Z since 65 percent of the users on TikTok seem to be aged less than 30 years. Moreover, you could gain real TikTok followers by reaching out to Generation Z.

Top Reasons to Use TikTok to Successfully Market Your Business or Brand Online

Great for Building Communities Fast & Easy: Community building is the very essence of this amazing platform. Since contemporary users love to consume content via videos, TikTok is gaining traction by the day.

Marketing without Being Obvious: Old marketing techniques are out. Generation Z hates to be disturbed by advertisements and so 51 percent of them are known to use ad-blockers. Smart marketers implement less invasive techniques on TikTok


TikTok is the perfect destination for user-generated content. We understand that Millennials have a passion for authenticity and they value something original and authentic over all else. They would not be impressed by old marketing tactics and age-old marketing concepts. Businesses could reach a much wider audience by including TikTok in their active social media marketing stratagem.

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