EJ Dalius Reveals Some Small Business Ideas for Aspiring Startup Entrepreneurs

These days, many young men and women dream of ditching the 9-5 job and kick-start their small business. It is a beautiful dream because you are your boss and no one to work under, implying freedom. Then, do you have startup business ideas that you can manage and earn revenues? Fret not because EJ Dalius has answers to your questions when it comes to different types of startup ventures. 

No matter what business you set up, take care of your health amid the corona pandemic. According to https://thriveglobal.com/tags/e-j-dalius/, Dalius guides you to take care of your emotional health too amid the crisis. 

You need to work hard, use your skills to establish your business, and implement the right branding tactics, no matter what business you set up. Here are some great small business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs: 

Eric J Dalius recommends online dating business

It is one business to cost you less and you can charge for your advice and recommendations. You can help teenage boys and girls over 18 years build attractive dating profiles, match couples based on their requirements, and come up with some personalization techniques. If you have a passion for matchmaking, then this business idea is your best bet giving you the bang for your bucks. Then, do not try anything illegal or socially unacceptable. 

Freelance developer 

Whether you want to develop websites for other businesses or offer technical support, web development is much in demand in 2020. Eric J Dalius thinks that such skills, especially something technical, will help you set up a website development firm to bag high-paying clients provided you know your job and offer the best services. 

Initially, it may take some time to acquire clients, but with time and assistance from marketers, you can reach out to clients who want their website developed. You can work as a freelancer, if not full-time, and still manage to make good money. Once your business grows, focus all your time on this business. 

Career coach 

You can start a career coaching business provided you have the relevant knowledge and experience. These days, students, fresh out of college need career guidance and if they find a professional with the right skill sets, which is hard to find, you can make good money from this startup business. The services of a career counselor do not come affordable. Provide your clients with expert advice and practical training to make positive changes in their professional lives. 

Personal trainer 

You can offer customized health and nutrition tips, prepare diet charts, provide in-home consultations, and organize boot camps. You can also get the word out with Instagram posts with motivating health quotes, inspirational lines, snack photos, and exercise videos to build your brand as a fitness guru. All of this will not even cost you much. Therefore, this is one of the best startup business ideas provided you have some education on health and nutrition. Try this and you will benefit. 

Small businesses are a great way to begin your business life. Over time, the company can grow, and then you will be able to expand it. EJ Dalius says that it takes time and effort to grow any small business. Here’s what you can do to ensure the timely growth of your small business: 

Set goals

Setting both short terms as well as long term goals is a great method to ensure your focus. Having goals will allow you to measure your progress as well as keep track of achievements. With goals, you will also push your boundaries and take risks to benefit the business. Creating a goal for targeted success is a commonly used method as it allows you to focus your resources and energies on that specific goal.

Continuously learning

Eric Dalius says that irrespective of your achievements, there’s always more than you can learn. As a result of your desire to learn, you will be able to achieve greater success. Not everyone has the time to learn and listen in a classroom setting. But, it doesn’t always have to be that. There are alternate ways you will be able to grow so that your business grows with you. For this, you can take advantage of online training, mentoring, collaborative opportunities, and self-paced programs. 


Many small business owners prefer doing everything on their own. You procure the goods, sell the products, and overall keep the business running by yourself. But it’s not a very healthy or effective way of running a business. You will get tired soon and experience burn out. Moreover, single-handedly managing everything will be difficult when your business grows. 

So, knowing how to delegate efficiently and effectively will help you make more of your time. It might also be the sole difference between achieving success and crashing down. You will need to learn how to delegate work between your subcontractors, employees, and more people. 

Eric J Dalius says attention to customer service is important

Every business needs clients. However, small businesses need them, even more, to remain open and working. So the goal should be to keep clients pleased as you will be able to make repeat business in this manner. Along with clients, you also need customers to sell your products or services. So, it’s important that you keep your buyers pleased. Buyers who love your customer service will keep coming back. Moreover, happy customers mean that they will spread the information about your business, and this word-of-mouth marketing could bring you more customers. 


There is no substitute for hard work and efficiency. Therefore, make the most out of these two qualities to set up a startup business. Use the ideas if you like or you can start with a new business idea of yours.

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