QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

If you are wondering what this tool might be going to do? Then to let you know, this is a snappy tool designed to unriddle bugs related to networking and multi-user errors. Well, not just that it also thrives to unravel H202, H505, and 6000 series errors. If you are confronting this in your PC while opening the file then you must be ready to diagnose it by using QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.

Moreover tweaking the bugs through this application is efficient and effective only with the Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP with QuickBooks 2008 and its above versions.

When do you think you need this tool?

If you think you are finding it hard to access the QuickBooks Database. This tool can get you right into the database.

Resolving the filled customer data list entry that which sees to be empty, is plausible too. A lost list of data in the employee column can be recovered as well.

What else? Finding issues with how to get rid of corrupted files? And what about a  not well-configured windows firewall? This tool can get this all fixed.

To put it down in the list, here they are:

  1. Firewall issues
  2. H101, H303, H202, and H505 errors…
  3. Lost files
  4. QuickBooks files corrupted by virus attacked issues
  5. –6150, -6000 -82, -6000 -301, -6147, and -6103 errors
  6. Database connectivity issues

This can solve the above errors for you and aid you with saving a lot of time.

Let’s see how to download this tool on your PC…

  • The very way to go about this is to download the link below from here QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool and get going with the quick installation.
  • Once you go to the link, do save the file to open it in the system.
  • Before opening the file, do make sure to close all the running applications.
  • Keep in mind to make sure your internet connection is stable to avoid any sort of disturbance during the installation.
  • And before running the installation, you must restart your PC to have a clean install.
  • Now go-ahead to double click and open the saved file nettool.exe to run the setup file.
  • Here we go, you have your QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic  Tool application ready in your system.

If you are ready to give QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool to do the task, then follow me here:

  • Now your task is to open the QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • Go on and open the File menu and click on Utilities and move ahead to click on Repair fIle and now finally go to the Network problems option.
  • Don’t fret to hit Yes if the popup appears asking you to allow collecting the necessary information about the QuickBooks.
  • Hover over to look for the corrupted file in your PC and now tap on the Open button.
  • Now go to Advanced options and find the relevant problem that you’re facing to resolve.

  • Enter QuickBooks with the proper login credentials. And now move ahead to click on the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.

  • Wait for the QuickBooks to fix things up for you to go and work on the files!

You are here giving QuickBooks a little work. What about the tabs available in the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool?

Let’s see what they are and how it may help you…

If you have a look at the application clearly, we see three tabs and they are:

  1. Diagnose Connections
  2. Scan Folders
  3. View logs

What do you think Diagnose Connections may do for you?

On multi-user mode or single-user mode? Nonetheless, this is here to make sure your system accesses the company file when the system is tested for its setup.

You can see three options in that and they go by the name:

  1. Product information
  2. Firewall Status
  3. Test Connectivity

When you look at product information, it just has the information about the QuickBooks Desktop on your PC. And when you move ahead firewall status does nothing but to execute the instructions for the firewall setup. Now test connectivity is the place where you can check the workstation connectivity with the server.

As we move ahead, the scan folder is the area where you check if the folders you are hosting can be opened by others or not.

And view log is the information about what operations did QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool performed for you.

Now let’s sum it up by knowing how it tests connectivity

  1. Browse and open your company file.
  2. Now check on the Change hosting server checkbox.
  3. Click on the Test connectivity button.
  4. If you see the Open status in green then you certainly have no issues. If you find them in red then there is an issue.
  5. Check on the Advanced settings to see what all was checked. If the issues of the status are fixed, run the tool again.
  6. A message would pop up on the website of the server. Follow The instructions on the site for all the workstations that have the QuickBooks installed in it accordingly to fix the connectivity issues.
  7. It may take time to resolve and fix the issues.

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is meant to do this for you. If it still doesn’t solve the issue you are just one call away to contact QB Techs.

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QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

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