How to Manage Printer Rights?

Printers are one such technical device that are easy to use but difficult to manage. Printer security needs to be configured so as to enable authorized users to print, manage or administer printers on the network.

By default, when you add a printer, Windows allocates default permissions that let users to connect to the printer and perform basic functions. The default permissions that are granted include adding all users so that they can print using the printer. However, for some reasons, certain printers may need to be stopped from allowing someone who has a network login to print to a specific printer.

The ‘Print Management’ segment lets you interact with printers and handles the performance of tasks when it is about managing printers.

Here are the permissions that Print Management module includes:

Add-Printer To Add a printer to the computer.
Add-Printer Driver To Install a printer driver on the computer.
Add-Printer Port To Install a printer port on the system.
Get-Print Configuration To Get the configuration information of a printer.
Get-Print Job To Retrieve a list of print jobs in the printer.
Get-Printer To Retrieve a list of printers installed on a computer.
Get-Printer Driver           To Retrieve the list of printer drivers installed on the computer.
Get-Printer Port To Retrieve a list of printer ports installed on the computer.
Get-Printer Property To Retrieve printer properties for the printer.
Remove-Printer Driver To Delete printer driver from the computer.
Remove-PrinterPort To Remove the specified printer port from the computer.
Remove-Printer To Remove a printer from the computer.
Remove-PrintJob To Remove a print job on the printer.
Read-PrinterNfcTag To Read information about printers from an NFC tag
Rename-Printer To Rename the printer.
Restart-PrintJob To Restart a print job on the printer.
Set-PrintConfiguration To Set the configuration information for the printer.
Set-PrinterProperty To Modify the printer properties for the printer.

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