A Fully-Fledged Guide for Dell Wireless Printers


The wireless technology in printers has resolved a certain number of problems. If you are using one printer for multiple systems, you must use wireless printers because moving and connecting your printers to multiple devices is ideally not possible and not ideal too.

With wireless printers, you get freedom for using it anywhere. Just connect it to the wireless network of your home and workplace and you can use one printer for all those devices which are connected to the same network. Also, it is an ideal way to get rid of cable issues such as breakage and melting.

If you are not able to connect your Wireless printer to a network, do the following:

Install it properly:

  • Firstly, Switch on your printer and computing device.
  • Take the software installation disk and place it into the disk drive of your computer and let the installation begin automatically. Make sure that the printer software you are using must have access to the Wi-Fi you want to connect your devices with.
  • Now connect the USB cable to your printer and follow the prompts to begin the connection. If it asks you to disconnect the cable do the same.
  • Now complete installation with the on-screen instructions and configure it on your device.

Setup Wireless printer on your desktop:

  • Go to Control Panel after clicking on Start.
  • Under Control Panel go to Drivers and Printers or
  • Select “Add a printer”. Now you will get the complete list of printers that are accessible on your network. Select the name of your printer.
  • After selecting your printer, click on the popup namely Add Printer Wizard enter your Manufactures and Models and Click OK to finish.
  • Provide required permissions and click on Finish.

Once Setup, Connect your Dell Printer with Wireless Network

  • Once set up, you must connect the wireless network on your computer.
  • Click on Start and go to Programs.
  • Choose “Dell Printers” and ten “Dell Printer Home”.
  • Now access “Settings” and then select:” Wireless Setup Utility”.
  • Now select the “Dell” under the name of the company.
  • Choose the Wi-Fi name and enter a password if required.
  • Click “Continue” to proceed.
  • Now give the required permissions such as enable the Dell software to access the network you are using. Click OK>>Continue.
  • Remove the USB cable when asked, now you are ready to use your Dell Wireless printer on your Desktop
  • Follow the same process for every device you want to connect to your Wireless network. But Make sure it shares the same network as the printer using.

If you are using a Wireless printer, you must follow the strong security measures. If your printer isn’t securely in a comprehensive fashion, there are more chances of data loss and breach. The wireless network is much sensitive and therefore it is necessary to follow all the required security principles to avoid any sort of hitch with your computing or printing device. Some of the tried and tested ways to secure your Wireless printers are as follow:

Tips to Secure Dell Wireless Printers

  • Remove the Plug:

Do not keep your printer connected to plug and USB cable because it can offer a gateway to security hassles and cause data loss. Though it needs some efforts holds great benefits. This avoids breaching or hackers from stealing your crucial data. Also, this will ensure that your printer is not connected to Mobile devices while not in use.

  • Follow end-to-end encryption policy:

The Internet is the major resource of threats and while using printers one must rely on open the most potent means of encryption. In addition. Always keep your network password protected so one needs the key to enter into your network because of most the time unauthorized access cause data loss and other vulnerabilities.

  • Update the firmware regularly:

Your printer is made up of sensitive components that are prone to issues. So, it is advised to pay attention to the firmware of your printer, Keep updating the firmware whenever an update is released by the manufacturer. Also, register your Dell printer on the official website to get notified of any new release of the update.

If you are a beginner and not so skilled to handle a wireless printer, do not try your hand on manual installation and updating. Call on Dell printer technical support to get real-time assistance from the Dell tech guys. You can freely contact the Dell customer service team at any minute.

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