Common Instagram Graphic Design Mistakes Newbies Should Take Care to Avoid

As everyone knows, the entire purpose of design on an Instagram post is to cut through the clutter of a million posts in the feed of a user and make itself instantly noticeable, easily recognizable, and create an appeal that will compel users to stop and click on it to know more. The design element takes priority over everything else simply because people’s brains process it faster than anything else. Brands know that usually, the most difficult challenge in marketing is to get noticed. This is the reason why all of them, without fail, invest a lot of time, effort, and money to create a graphic design identity that ensures easy noticeability and top-of-the-mind recall. A quick look at some of the most commonly made graphic design mistakes that inexperienced designers tend to make on Instagram:

Not Ensuring a Clear Visual Hierarchy 

The first thing to remember when creating graphic designs for Instagram is that you need to establish a clear visual hierarchy for users so that they will encounter and interpret the graphic elements in the order necessary for the brand to make the maximum impact with its message. A typical Instagram post can contain many elements, both image, and text, that need to be understood by the user in the right order so that the message is clearly and unambiguously received and acted on. Failing to lay down a visual hierarchy will usually lead to confusion regarding the intent of the post and will result in less than optimal conversions. If you find that your engagement level is low, you can buy 50 real Instagram likes for a nominal amount to boost it.

Using Conflicting and Confusing Visuals

Instagram is a visually-oriented social media network where colors, images, illustrations, logos, etc. are the most important assets. However, these elements must be effectively used to reinforce the impact of the message. If the selection of the color palette or the images is done without paying thought to what is being attempted to be conveyed, the result can be confusion. For example, if the brand wishes to publish a post regarding how it can empower users but uses a dark and foreboding color scheme or images that induce sadness or depression, the entire purpose of publishing the post will be lost and followers will be confused regarding the product characteristics and brand positioning.

Using Too Many Typefaces and Fonts

When there is a choice of hundreds of typefaces, newbie graphic designers often make the mistake of using far too many than what is necessary just to show off. The result can be a confusing mess that the human brain finds very difficult to process. Generally, you should not think of using more than three typefaces as otherwise, you will end up producing visual clutter that can be detrimental to conversions. It is also necessary to use fonts that do not clash with each other and properly reflect the tone of the message. According to serif fonts are seen as conservative while sans-serif fonts are perceived to be liberal.

Not Using the Right Amount of Contrast

It is quite common to find designers using colors without paying attention to the readability. It is very important the color of the background does not interfere with the color of the text and makes it difficult to read as this will prompt the user to just skip the post and move on to something else resulting in a lost marketing opportunity. If you are using solid deep color in the background, make sure that the color of the text is light enough to provide the right contrast for easy reading. Another issue with using deep and dark backgrounds is that may fonts, especially with serifs can appear to be jumbled when the post is seen on a small mobile phone screen. It is important to conduct readability tests on a large variety of screen under different lighting conditions before arriving at a final result that you can use to post on Instagram.

Excessive Use of Copy

Marketers tend to be very enthusiastic and generally have a lot to say about the performance and attributes of their brands. However, the typical reaction of most users is to skip the post when they encounter too much copy. Marketers need to learn the art of using the least number of words to make the heaviest impact. Remember, the use of graphics is to attract attention and ensure memorability, and the use of copy is to convince users that the product is worth purchasing.


The purpose of graphic design for Instagram is to get the attention of the target audience and impress them sufficiently so that travel along the sales funnels and ultimately make a conversion. It is very important to be clear about your objectives and use all the design elements in such a way that the impact of the message is not diluted.

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