How to Bring an HP Printer Online from Offline?

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HP is a renowned brand, known for producing computers, laptops, printers and other technical devices. HP Printers are known to be loaded with high-end features but they tend to face certain glitches every now and then. One of the most prevailing issues is when “printer says offline” and as a result, you will not be able to print any further till the issue gets resolved. Getting the offline error is just a matter of a few clicks if you know what is actually causing the problem. 

In this troubleshooting guide, a number of methods have been explained that can be applied to change the HP printer’s status online.

But before that let’s know about the causes for the offline error.

Why Is HP Printer Offline?

HP printer goes offline time and again if there is a disruption in the communication between the printer and the computer. The possible reasons for the same are:

  • The computer and the printer are not properly connected.
  • HP Printer’s Software or Driver have gone outdated.
  • The printer settings are incorrect.
  • The printer’s updates have not been installed. 
  • A document stuck in the printing queue is making it go offline.
  • The cables are not properly inserted in their right position.

After knowing why the printer says offline, it’s time to proceed towards the solutions.

How to Get HP printer Online from Offline?

Using the steps given below, you can give a try to bring your printer online manually:

  • On your computer, click on ‘Start’, go to ‘Control Panel’ and then click on the ‘Devices and Printers’ section.
  • Right-click on your HP printer and then click ‘See what’s printing’.
  • From the menu at the top, choose your printer.
  • Then select ‘Use Printer Online’ from the drop-down menu. 

This is how to bring your printer online if it goes offline. But to prevent it from happening over and over again, try the subsequent methods.

Checking the Printer and Cables

Next, you have to ensure that:

  • If the printer uses a wired network, make sure the Ethernet cable is rightly attached.
  • The cables connected to the printer and the system should not be loosely attached.
  • The printer must be properly connected to a router and the internet connection must be giving adequate signal strength if using a wireless HP printer.
  • None of the cables are damaged or defective and if there is one, replace it with a new one.

Clearing All the Pending Printing Jobs

Clearing all the pending or stuck print jobs may also help in fixing the HP printer offline error, here’s the procedure:


  • On your computer, go to ‘Control Panel’ via the ‘Start’ menu.
  • Click on ‘Devices and Printers’ from the results and select the printer that has a stuck print job.
  • You will see a window with print jobs, select the one you want to cancel or delete. 
  • Open the drop-down menu by right-clicking and select ‘Cancel Document’. 
  • To cancel the entire print queue, go to the ‘Printers’ tab, right-click and select ‘Cancel all Documents’.


  • Go to ‘Control Panel’ through the ‘Start’ menu and click on ‘Administrative Tools’.
  • Clicking on ‘Services’ will open the list of services.
  • Select ‘Print Spooler’ from the options.
  • Right-click to open the drop-down menu and click on ‘Stop’ to stop the print queue. 
  • Wait for 10 seconds, right-click on the ‘Print Spooler’ again and click ‘Start’.
  • Go to the ‘Devices and Printers’ section of ‘Control Panel’ and choose your printer. 
  • The print queue must be empty if it is not, you need to restart the system.
  • After it has restarted, check the print queue and run a test print.

Removing and Reinstalling Printer

Next, you can try fixing the ‘HP printer is offline’ error by removing or uninstalling it from your system. After that, reinstall it and check if it shows online and starts printing.

To uninstall the HP printer:

  1. The printer should be on and ready to print.
  2. Go to the ‘Programs and Features’ from the ‘Start’ menu.
  3. A list of programs that are installed on your device will appear, click on HP, then select ‘Uninstall and press ‘Yes’.
  4. Select ‘Yes’ for the User Account Control message that you see on the screen.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the printer completely.
  6. Restart the computer once the printer is completely uninstalled.

To reinstall HP printer,

  1. Use the installation disc that came with your HP printer, insert it into the drive and the installation will start automatically.
  2. Click ‘Install’ on the first screen and then click ‘Next’ on the welcome screen.
  3. Click on ‘Yes’ to let HP updates get installed automatically on your device.
  4. Press ‘Next’ and choose whether you want to install the recommended settings or will select each component manually. Press ‘Next.’
  5. Go through the terms and conditions and select ‘I agree’ to continue. Click ‘Next’ after selecting the location for the installed files. For a shortcut to HP software on your desktop, mark the box and press ‘Next.’
  6. Next, connect your HP printer using the USB cable. Press ‘Next’ and restart your computer when instructed.

Removing Printer Driver and Packages

Next, you should try removing the pre-installed driver and software and reinstall the latest version for your model of HP printer.

  • Go to the ‘Start’ menu, then click on ‘Settings’ and open the ‘Apps’ section.
  • From the list of installed programs, look for your HP printer driver.
  • Click on the ‘Uninstall’ option and then select Uninstall again.
  • Press ‘Yes’ to confirm the uninstallation and follow the given instructions to completely remove the software and driver. 

Reinstalling Drivers for HP Printer

Without installing the required driver for your HP printer, it will not work, so here are the steps to install the latest driver for your printer:

  • Start your printer and reattach the USB cable to the printer.
  • In a browser, open the official link of ‘HP Official Software and Driver Downloads’ from where you can simply install the latest software and drivers.
  • Under the title, ‘Let’s identify your product, click on ‘Printer’, enter the model name or number, and press ‘Submit’.
  • In the ‘Driver’ section, click ‘Download’ for the full package or click on ‘Basic Drivers’ to check other options.

Use the Windows Built-in Printer Troubleshooter

Another option is using the in-built Windows troubleshooter that is helpful for all sorts of printing issues. It will solve the problems with communication between your printer and computer and will ultimately fix the printer offline problem, here is how to use it:

  • Click on ‘Start’, type ‘Troubleshoot’, and click on the related result that appears. 
  • Click on ‘View All’ and move down to ‘Printer’.
  • In the next window, click ‘Advanced’, and then hit ‘Run as Administrator’.
  • Press ‘Next’ and select the printer you want to troubleshoot, again press ‘Next’.
  • The tool will start detecting and fixing the problems with your printer.

Additional Troubleshooting to get HP printer online

If none of the above methods work to turn your printer online, here are some bonus points that may work for you.

  • If your system is unable to recognize your printer’s status, the possibility is that the system drivers are outdated.
  • If you have recently updated your system to Windows 10 and the printer is showing offline, restore the system changes and check if it helps.
  • You can also use the ‘HP Print and Scan Doctor’ tool provided by HP itself to help the users dealing with various printing issues. Download and install the software and then run it, it will automatically detect and fix the problem causing factors. 

HP Printer Showing Offline Status When It Is Not

This is another problem faced by HP users where their printer is offline but in reality, it is not. This situation usually arises when a number of systems are connected to a single printer and the printer is showing ‘offline’ on one of the devices.

It can happen in an office where there are multiple systems connected to a single printer. Every employee is able to get a printout but when you are trying to print from your device, the printer shows offline.

To fix this problem, you can simply try to restart the printer or else try any of the methods explained above. You will definitely be able to bring your HP printer back online.


How Do You Change A Printer From Offline To Online?

To change a printer from offline to online, go to the ‘Printers’ corner of your device and right-click on your printer. Select ‘See What’s Printing’ and from the drop-down menu that appears, select ‘Use Printer Online’.

Why Is HP LaserJet Printer Offline?

HP LaserJet printer can go offline due to a communication problem between the computer and the printer. It can also happen when the cables are not properly attached or the printer has been set to use offline.

Why Does My Printer Keep Going Offline?

Whenever a printer faces issues communicating with the computer, it shows offline status. Other possible causes are- poor internet connection, cables are not properly inserted or a print job is stuck in the queue. 

What Does It Mean When My Printer Is Offline?

If the printer is offline, it means there is no communication between the system and the printing device and it will not take any print commands. You need to set it online to get the required documents printed.

How Do I Reset My Printer?

To reset the printer, open its control panel. Press the menu button, press up or down keys to select ‘Printer’ and then again press the menu button. Again press the up or down keys to select the ‘Reset Printer’ option. Press the menu button and ‘1’ to select ‘Yes’. Doing this will reset your printer.

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