An Ultimate Fix to HP Printer Driver is Unavailable on Windows 10

HP printer driver is unavailable on Windows 10

Without the right set of drivers, you cannot make the best use of your HP printer as it would not be able to collaborate with your system. But with Windows 10 based devices, the driver issues often occur very less due to its automatic update feature. If you are using the HP printer with Windows 10, and stumble upon “Driver is unavailable” error, this guide can help you fix it with much ease. 

The reasons for driver error can be many but the major ones are a corrupt, damaged or outdated driver and outdated Windows. Both reasons seem very simple but can lead to very complicated consequences if not treated on time. Now, let’s roll through the solution part. 

Two Main Solutions to HP Printer Drivers:

  1. Re-install your printer driver
  2. Install the latest updates of Windows

Solution 1: Re-install your printer driver;

The corrupted, or mismatched drivers can cause the unavailability of the drivers. It can be fixed very easily. So, you need to uninstall your current drivers and install the updated one. Follow the steps given here below:

  1. From the keyboard, click Windows+ R and open the Run box.
  2. Enter devmgmt.msc and click OK.
  3. Now, click right on the printer and select Uninstall device.
  4. Click Uninstall and Confirm.
  5. From the official website, get the genuine drivers matching with your operating system by clicking
  6. Enter the product name and click Submit
  7. Download and install the drivers by following the prompts

Solution 2: Update your Windows 10

The outdated Windows version can be the reason for the “Driver is unavailable” issue. So, if reinstalling drivers won’t help, try to update your Windows:

  1. Go to Start menu and type “update
  2. Choose check for updates and Windows will start installing 
  3. Once, the update is completed, restart your system
  4. Print using your printer and check if it’s working fine.

Note: It is recommended to run antivirus whenever a driver related issue occurs, as the virus and malware can create a number of issues with your printer. 

How to Install Update on Windows 7?

  1. Go to Start menu and type Update and then choose toCheck for updates
  2. Click Check for Updates
  3. Click Install Updates
  4. After installing the updates, restart your device and print a new file. 

How Error “HP Printer Driver is Unavailable” Can be Prevented?

Without drivers, proper management of your printer software becomes next-level difficult. So, if you take proper measures while using your HP printer, you can possibly avoid the driver conflicts. It is important to know, understand and implement the required precautions for avoiding issues like “printer driver is unavailable on Windows”. Underneath, you can find the most significant safety measures every printer user must follow:

1.       Rely upon universal drivers: Instead of being very picky, try using the drivers that can fit with every model. It will add more simplicity and effectiveness to the printer software, however, you will not get the model-specific functionality, but it is worth trying.

2.       De-clutter the driver collection on a regular basis: The more you accumulate in the driver repository, the frequent issues you are likely to face. So, it is important to clean the unused drivers on a regular basis to avoid driver-related problems. The outdated and corrupt drivers must be removed from the resources often so that the chances of driver errors can be reduced.

3.       Try printer driver isolation: Now, isolating your printer driver is sorted as a new printer server can do it very easily. Every driver is running and functioning individually and no more controlled by the printer spooler, thus reducing the chances of spooler crashes.

4.       Disallow access to printer drivers: Users with inappropriate conventions, naming, safeguards and resources may end up installing wrong drivers or right drivers in the wrong way. So, one must select and install only if has complete knowledge, and tools to execute the installation.

5.       Upgrade with care: Installing drivers should not be taken lightly as it directly impacts the functioning of your printer. Make sure to take help from professional if you are not able to install on your own.

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