A Complete Guide to HP Printer Assistant


HP printer assistant is an inbuilt program which comes in every HP printer and is controlled by the Windows operating system. This tool gained popularity, after 2009 as it started accompanying other printing brands as well. Using this tool, one can execute a number of tasks while using a printer. It lets you scan, check ink levels, keep an eye on supplies and much more.

The list of the uses of HP print assistance software:

  • When the issue occurs while using the HP printer after updating the operating system (Windows). In such situations, you will get the Printer set up option instead of “Settings and Tools” menu.
  • When the printer icon is not visible in the “Drivers and Printers” menu
  • HP printer offline issue
  • Your device lacks in printer drive or the relevant software.

Once you upgrade to the latest version of Windows and try using the HP printer assistant, you will see that the Printer Setup and Software dialogue box has been replaced with the “settings and tools” view. If in case, you find that the printer icon is no more available in the “Devices and Printer folder”, you must have missed installing few important files of printer assistance. So, it is always advised to setup up your printer after upgrading the version of the Windows operating system.

HP print assistant comes in-built with every set of Printer’s driver. So whenever you install a full-featured printer driver by using CD or the official webpage, the HP assistant will be automatically downloaded. However, if you cannot locate the HP printer assistant software even after installing the latest printer’s drivers, try the below-given methods:

Steps to install HP printer assistance:

  • Re-establish the connection between your HP printer and computing device
  • Start your printer and make sure that you have a stable internet connection
  • Now, open the official HP page, and go to the menu bar, from this Software and Driver
  • Select the printer model, and the “Get Started” page will be displayed on the screen
  • Click Submit
  • Tap on “Download” to continue
  • During the installation, you will be asked to select the type of installation from Typical or Recommended. Choose what suits you the most.

Now the new printer is successfully downloaded on your device along with the HP printer download and install assistant. But if you fail to download HP assistant or the set of a printer driver, make a contact with HP support team. The team will guide you to fix the “how do I install the HP printer assistant” query.

How to uninstall coexisting HP print assistant on your device:

If you have a co-existing software installed on your device, you need to remove it in order to avail the benefits of this utility. Here is how the alternative software can be deleted:

  • Open Control panel
  • Select the “Programs and Features” option
  • The list of all software installed on your device will appear on your screen.
  • Select HP print assistance or HP printer driver
  • Remove the highlighted software

The process of removing the printer assistant differs for every device.

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