Paper Jam Issue in HP Printer Is Resolved Here


The most unpredictable issues while using a printer is Paper jam error. There is no exact but countless reasons behind the paper-jam in your printer, but all lead you to same consequence: the inability print. But HP uses encounter less-frequent paper jam than other counterparts. But for any urgent assistance user can call HP printer support number.

Irrespective the model or brand, one can do the given step on any of the printing device to prevent or solve the paper jam and its counter effects.

Important Note: Do not pull the paper towards the opposite direction of the printing, this can cause harm to the rollers to your HP printer.

Clear the paper tray:

  1. Check the paper tray for any leftover or stuck loose paper.
  2. Now click the Resume button to start button.
  3. If there are more than one paper stuck in the tray. Remove them one by one starting from the mid portion.
  4. Remove all the bits and pieces of paper from the tray.

Clean the Rear of printer:

If the paper tray isn’t the reason of paper jam, try cleaning the rear of your printer. Go to the back of the printer and open the rear access and two-sided accessory.

Open the rear access panel:

  • Unlock the access panel or the knob to open the rear access.
  • Pull out the panel and remove the traces of jammed papers.
  • Clear the leftover pieces of paper.
  • Close the rear panel carefully.

Clean the two-access printing accessory:

  • Open the two-access printer by clicking both the Release buttons in concurrent fashion.
  • Once you have removed the panel, clear the jammed paper with great care.
  • Clean the other trash thoroughly using a soft panel.
  • Now place the module back to its place.
  • Do the same with the second module, just by pushing the button on the top.

Use the Front Cover to Remove Paper jam:

If you are not able to remove paper jam with the above mentioned methods, try to clear the jammed paper from Front Panel. But make sure this method should be done at last moment when nothing else works for you, so one should keep it on the last place in the priority list.

  • Unplugged the power cord from the socket to completely shut down the power supply.
  • Now remove the carriages carefully by dragging in in the right hand side. If the carriage doesn’t move from its place do not push it firmly as it can damage the printer.
  • In next step remove the ink cartridge carefully.
  • Do not touch the drawer and gently pull out the stuck paper.
  • Now remove the two-side module or rear access and clean the leftover or jammed paper
  • Move the rollers in the full rotation at least thrice and check where it rotates efficiently.
  • If necessary replace the cartridge with new one.
  • Now place everything to their original position and turn the printer on.

This is how you can clear the paper jam manually, but if you want take the assistance from experts, contact HP customer support for immediate help. For around the clock assistance, dial toll-free numbers.

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