Black Screen While Booting Your HP Laptop? Here’s How to Repair It

If you are the one who is having Black Screen on your HP laptop when booting the system, you might have lost your patience. But this problem is quite common irrespective of the Windows version you are using. So, if you own an HP laptop and you are struggling with the same issue, this article is exclusively for you. Read till the end to find the best match solution for your trouble.

First, let’s understand what Black screen error actually is:

A black screen with a blinking cursor is the main sign of Black Screen error of Death or BSOD. This error prevents you from performing any operation on your device and causes stillness with a plain blank screen. There can be a number of reasons causing the issue, so detecting the cause can be quite bothersome. But there are few savior methods that can help you fix the issue irrespective of the cause.

What are the Causes of Black Screen while booting?

  1. If the setup process is hung due to any reason.
  2. Device driver issue or the hardware performance error
  3. The video output routed to a wrong display adapter or different output. This can confuse the operating system and cause the Black Screen Error of Death. 
  4. Overheating can be the cause of Black Screen at Boot
  5. Check for the logical issues that can cause BKSOD

Important Note: If you are facing BSOD, you might end up losing all your data after the recovery process. So, one must backup the data from the Boot menu using a hard drive, so that you can combat the data-loss. 

How to Fix Black Screen on HP Laptop:

Method 1: laptop reset:

Hardware issues can be quite disturbing and lead to the “Black Screen of Death”. So, start by fixing the hardware problems with a hard reset. Follow the steps given below:

  1. First, turn off your laptop
  2. Remove all the peripherals attached to your devices such as power cables, drives, and the battery
  3. Press the power button for 600 seconds and then release
  4. Place the battery again and plug the charger. Don’t add any other peripheral. 
  5. Boot your laptop again and check for its performance.

This method is the most preferable troubleshooting method that helps in maximum cases of Black screen error at boot while using the HP laptop. After performing the recovery process, connect each peripheral one after another and check if the device is having any issue while connecting the accessories. This will help you understand the cause of the error.

Important note: If you are not able to sign-in to Windows, boot your device in safe mode.

If you are not satisfied with the result, jump to the next recovery method. 

Method 2: Begin the explorer.exe process:

Most of the virus interrupts the explorer.exe process on a laptop and thus causing the Black screen error on HP laptop. 

Basically, the exploerer.exe process manages the desktop and taskbar, and a sudden halt in the process can make the screen look black or blank. To restart the process, try this:

  1. Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+Esc to start the Task Manager.
  2. Now, click on Details option (Processes on Windows 7)
  3. Look for explorer.exe from the options
  4. Next, stop the process by clicking on End Task.
  5. Restart your laptop and check if the issue has been resolved.

If the process does not start on its own, perform the steps given below:

  1. From the “Task Manager”, click “File” and then “Run a new task”.
  2. Type explorer.exe and Enter
  3. The process will start as normal.

Method 3: Update the graphics driver

The missing or outdated graphics card driver on your laptop can be the cause behind the Black Screen. So, updating your graphic drivers can act as the fix for BSOD on HP laptop. You got two methods to update i.e. manually or automatically.

Important Note: There is no official method available for updating the drivers, so you can pick any third-party tool of your choice. 

For manual update, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the HP official website and choose Printers
  2. Enter the name of the product
  3. Choose a suitable set of drivers
  4. Download and install by following the on-screen instructions.

Method 4: Disable the fast setup:

The faulty fast setup can be the reason for the black screen problem. Follow the steps to fix this issue:

  1. Go to the Control Panel and Choose Power Options
  2. Click Choose what power buttons do
  3. Choose Change settings that are currently unavailable.
  4. Unselect the Turn on fast startup and click Save Changes
  5. Restart your device after this.

Method 5: Undo the changes

If you have done any change in recent times. So, one must check if any of the change has generated the black screen error. Restoring your system can do trick. The recently installed apps or any newly added program can cause the issue. So, here are the steps you can do:

  1. Go to the Control Panel, and choose System and Security
  2. Tap on System>System Protection>System restore
  3. Now, choose the restore point and follow the on-screen instructions to complete.

Windows 7 or Windows Vista:

  1. Go to Start>>All programs>>Accessories>>System Tools
  2. Choose System restore
  3. Select restore point
  4. After this, restart your system.

Method 6: Repair Black Screen of death in safe mode:

If the BKSOD is occurring due to hardware and driver issues, it can be fixed using the Safe mode. If the computer is hanging with a black screen, you need to first restart your computer and press F8 or shift& F8.

To open the Safe Mode, restart your device three times in a row. Make sure you restart every time when you see the Windows logo. After completing this cycle, you will see the Windows 10 is booting in diagnostic mode. Then, click Advanced options and then click Troubleshoot>>Advanced options>>Startup Settings>>Restart. On the next screen, select “enable safe mode” the 4th option.

After booting, click “Windows+X” to open the menu of “Quick link” and then choose Device Manager. Now open the Display adapter and click right on the screen and choose Disable. 

After doing this, restart your device. 

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