How to Fix Ghost Printing in HP?

When it comes to printing professional documents inside an office and workplace, an issue which trouble the most is Ghost printing. It takes place while printing a document in a laser printing machine. In it the machine prints the documents in lighter shades even when the toner or ink is full. It can hamper the performance of the printer as they are highly used in workplaces to print copies.

Generally, the issue of ghost images on prints happens in old printers. But it can arise in the latest model of printer. Ghost printing can be upshot in a deficiency of detail in the printout that makes it unable to use for any purposes also leads the wastage of papers. 

Taking about laser printers, it is the latest technique where printers can print using laser technology. HP also dominate in this segment and offers the various top-notch model. But the ghosting issue is very common in HP printers too. HP P3015 ghosting, HP LaserJet 4250 ghost printing and HP office jet 4500 printing shadows are the most searched query on the web. 

Why Does Printer Ghosting Happen?

Ghost printing is a common belief of people that the machine is destroyed, but getting a ghost print isn’t always a source of concern. It can happen for a range of simple causes and can often be fixed by replacing a few portions of the machine.

This problem happens mainly due to the faulty printing drum or fuser unit. Consequently, the user does not heat the toner to the correct temperature that will stop it from stick to the drum appropriately and as a result seem lighter and faded on the paper.

Reasons for Ghost Printing

The main reason which triggered the ghost printing is either the drum unit or the fuser unit. But, humidity and the wrong type of paper can also be the ground for this error. 

Ghosting mainly initiated due to damaged imagining drum units or a drum has come to the end of the life cycle. Fuser can also trigger the ghosting, as it doesn’t properly provide the heating to the toner powder. 

As you can figure out the cause by seeing the slight difference in the printer. If the images are stuck together with a minimum of 2cm and 3cm, it is most likely triggered by the drum. On the other side, images have a 4 to 5cm gap, fuser can be the culprit. 

Generally, printers come along with the user’s manual names “diagnostic ruler” on the rare side of the page.  You can figure out the cause of ghosting by matching the makers on the page. 

Humidity can distress the toner powder within a toner cartridge. The excess of humidity can lead the toner powder to get tangled within the cartridge. In this, the toner powder does not get circulated consistently when printing, which leads to ghost images on the paper.

Laser printers generally work on the algorithm of heat and pressure. However, the pre-printed paper can ground the ghosting as the images can be shifted while the fusing process. In case, the paper is too dense, silky or not compatible with laser printers, Ghosting can come out of the blue. 

However, the dirt and debris within the printer can also source ghosting as too much dust can affect the drum units, transfer units, and fuser units.

Fix Printer Ghosting on HP Printers

While a printer that gives fade or shadow printing can be really annoying. However, the ghosting issue can be resolved by following some simple troubleshooting tips. These tips are also applicable for removing Ghost printing on the HP printer. 

Storing and Cleaning

Storing and cleaning of a printer make a major impact on its life. It is essential to keep your printer in a dry area so that humidity can’t affect its toner and other functioning. On the other side, cleaning a printer from time to time is a basic need. If you clean printers regularly, the chances get reduced by 50%. 

Paper Type

Laser printers require different types of papers, if you use the normal paper in it, you will most likely get the ghosting issue on your printer. Hence, before printing check the paper and insert it properly into the try. 

Drum Unit

Drum units are the major part of the printer which can trigger the ghosting issue in your HP printer. In order to check the drum unit of your printer, you can take help from the user guide of the device. If your unit has reached the end of its life cycle try to replace it as soon as possible. Or if it is new, check the toner cartridge. 

Fuser Unit

Fuser units control the temperature of the printer and provide the apt amount of heat while printing documents. You should check this part of the printer while inspecting the device for the ghosting issue. If you find your device getting a ghosting issue due to the fuser unit, repair it as soon as possible. However, you can take care of your printer by storing and cleaning regularly.

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