Facebook Marketplace: How It Works

Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace has become the top-selling space defeating e-bay and other counterparts. Users are now looking at FB more as a professional platform due to its free-market space. Interestingly Facebook commercial groups are touching milestones as it is almost used globally by nearly 800 million people. 

If we compare Facebook marketplace with other similar platforms, we will find that using FB business place is much easier and convenient. The next attraction is; it doesn’t take any part of your profit. You reach to users, sell your product, get the cash and it’s done; no mediator, no waiting, no brokering, and there is no one between you and the buyer. So, the concept is simple, it is a digital market and promotional platform. 

What you can sell on FB marketplace and what cannot?

So, this is an important topic to discuss as you may be doing everything wrong thus far. This simple guide may help you fetch more profit by selling things on FB:

  1. Popular things: If you are selling the goods which are trending nowadays, there is no platform like Facebook.
  2. Selling small items: Even the smallest things can be sold on Facebook. You can clear your entire stock just by posting a simple ad on Facebook.
  3. Heavy items: Bulky things like furniture and electronic appliances can be sold to the local folks of your area by limiting the reach of your advertisement.
  4. Kid’s items: There is a number of groups available on Facebook which are specially meant for parents, so such groups can be targeted to sell the stuff for kids.

Why Marketplace on Facebook is gaining popularity?

The major highlight of the FB marketplace is the convenience it provides to users for selling their items locally or globally. The next attraction is; no fees to join groups, post promotional stuff and sell items. Also, “low-risk” is another focal point of FB marketplace. There are chances that you may make customers out of your friend-list and thus reaching the potential customers is quite easy. The success of this market space is commendable so far. 

How to find the best Facebook selling groups?

There is a wide line of the selling groups available on Facebook, but targeting each and every group is not a smart choice. You must find the group which you belong to and then plan your marketing strategy accordingly. The things to consider before start using a FB selling group:

  1. Local groups are best: If you want the fast and convenient sale, you must go for local groups. This way you can find interested customers from your own area and thus delivering things will become more easy and affordable. To find the local groups, use the Facebook search bar and enter your area or postcode with the other keywords. 
  2. Choose a specific group: You can see several groups targeting a specific product or niche and such selling groups can help you make a fast deal as you are more likely to find interested users in the product-specific groups. 
  3. Groups with membership: To filter the active users, many of the groups require membership or you have to join the group in order to post your stuff. These groups are very particular about their members. Nevertheless, membership-only determines the interest, not the safety or security.

How to sell items on Facebook by location?

Facebook itself offers its advertisement campaign facility. You can easily use it on your Android and web browsers. You can list items with photos and description and tag to a certain location. Also, the users can search for items by location and Facebook marketplace categories.

How to post an ad on FB selling groups?

Posting ads on groups is as easy as posting regular photos and videos on Facebook. Go to groups and post the images and videos for your product or service and that is it! 

In most of the groups which are meant for sale, filling “for-sale” form including details of items can do the trick. Also, it is important to reply to each and every comment you receive on your post for better engagement.

In most of the groups, the members of the group receive notification for every new post and people can tag other friends in the comment section and hence comments do a lot for a trader.

How to list an item on Facebook selling groups?

It is quite a simple process with no hard and fast rule, just follow the steps given here below:

  1. Open your Facebook account. 
  2. Click on icon from the left menu bar.
  3. Now click +Sell something and then click on Item for sale.
  4. Now write a title for your listing along with price, location, and category. Provide a short description. Moreover, for free items, you can put 0 in the price field.
  5. Tap on +10 Photos to add photos from your computer.
  6. Click Post. Make sure you have added all details carefully.

All items listed by you will be available in the “Your items” tab. Also, the offers or messages you receive will be available in the same tab.

Not to Miss Tips on FB Market Place

Price things modestly:

It is advisable to check the pricing of the item on different sites, before posting it. Analyze the prices other similar posts are providing and then price the item accordingly. Also, people are likely to bargain for an item, so it is wise to leave a scope. 

Use quality images:

Adding nice pictures immediately enhance the scope of the product getting sold. There are few things for which adding images becomes necessary for attracting the audience. 

So, if you are posting on a group, you can create an album for images you are adding. For this, just go to your profile and click on “Add photo/video” and then select “Create photo album”. You can add maximum of 10 photos for each post. You can even share the album, by copying the link and sharing it on different groups.

Use private messages /inbox to close a deal:

In most of the cases the interaction starts from the comment section, as users ask for the price, show their interest and inquire about the product from the comments, so you must answer all the comments to achieve your trading goals. Be friendly with your users. 

To lower any risk, it is highly advised to check the profile of the buyer before closing the deal. If you are satisfied with the fairness of the user, communicate using the message box. In the end, you can arrange a personal meeting if you want, so that the chances of the fraud can be nullified. 

Even the customers can send you a direct message in your personal window to get details of your product and you should entertain each of them for fast closure of the deal.

Pro tip: If you get any sort of bad intuition for the buyer, so deny the deal politely. Even if you are breaking the rule of a certain group, never compromise with your safety.

No matter what, be careful!

Though facings frauds on the Facebook marketplace is rare, never take eyes out of your safety.

For organizing the personal meetings, make sure you select a busy public place. Also, never invite someone to your house, if the product can be supplied outside. Doorsteps exchange are always preferred rather than entering or inviting into the house-premises. 

Prefer cash as a mode of payment:

Any digital method of payment should be secondary while dealing on FB marketplace. Also, sharing your bank details can increase the risk of fraud. Also, a cheque may bounce if the buyer is a fraud. With PayPal, the scammers might use the “chargeback” feature and your money will be taken back. 

So, secure yourself from any digital deception, use cash for receiving the payment.

Sneak peek into “message request” folder”:

We all have the “message request” folder in the inbox. In this folder, the message from unknown people is generally stored. So, messages from the customers out of your friend-list will be stored here. 

Go to “Message” option and click on “Message requests” from the inbox folder. You may get all personal and professional messages there.

Wait for a day at least

Yeah, it is quite frustrating when users show interest but don’t buy the product. But never change your mind out of frustration. This is a shortcoming of FB marketplace, that it is quite difficult to sell an item before the deadline of ad. So, make sure you add a caption for the offer validity, this will trick buyers to make a quick deal.

Buy on FB using “Wanted” section:

You can post an ad to buy a particular item. The “wanted” feature of FB selling groups, will help you get the product. Simply, pick a related group and post for the desired product. If you can find the item anywhere, directly reach the seller through the inbox.

Sort out the news-feed to avoid spam:

Joining the multiple groups at a time can deluge your news feed with spam posts. You can simply DE-clutter the notification feed by adjusting the settings of your groups. Go to the group, and access the “Notification” from the top-right corner. Now, select “friends/posts”, so that you only receive notification for the posts of your friends. This doesn’t affect the alerts for response to your ads. 

Unlike FB selling groups, the Facebook marketplace saves everything in the “Your items” tab. 

Avoid selling globally from specialist groups:

  1. Though the specialist FB groups are trending the most, most of them deal in international trading which is not a very secure approach for an individual seller for selling on Facebook marketplace. It is an apt method for huge and international brands/companies, but for a regular user, it can be a vulnerable platform. 

Though such groups open an array of options, there is no safety guaranteed. Such groups are recommended to expand your reach internationally and find interested buyers who are known. But don’t believe strangers from such group as neither you can get cash in hand, nor can take action against it.

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Modify your privacy settings:

Facebook marketplace privacy settings are true savior. You must check your privacy settings before contacting any stranger. So, for your personal information, make sure you have the “friends” in the “Privacy” option of the Settings menu.

If you find Facebook’s privacy check-up tool handy, make use of it. This tool will check who can see your posts and direct you to change settings if needed.

Use FB batphone:

In case you are not conformable in sharing your personal contact information such as phone number or email address, get a separate batphone number for business-related communication. 

FYI, Batphone is the telephone with a separate number which is used for businesses to make direct contact with the important caller or buyer. 

This is how you can use the Facebook marketplace to sell your items, now let’s see what aspects one need to consider while buying on FB from a browser or Facebook marketplace app.

Something for buyers:

Sellers are often professionals who know how to convince buyers, but not all customers are pro in reading between the lines. So, here are few effective “Buying Tricks” for FB users:

  1. Search for local groups: The groups with location/postcode that is near to you is always better than the international groups to rely upon. So, to find such groups, use the search bar and add postcode along with other keywords. 
  2. Go through Classified ads: There are classified ads available on FB. You can find the content and ads related to your requirements and order from any local seller. You can also search for a specific area and change your location whenever required.
  3. Mark your interest:  If you see something eye-catching but want to shop it later, you must show your interest to the seller using the “ask for details” button. 
  4. Bargain: You can certainly make a polite haggle and there are chances of winning in most of the cases as sellers always leave a margin for it.
  5. Keep checking: It is necessary to keep your eyes and ears open while shopping on Facebook because the thing will be gone with the blink of an eye. 
  6. Use inbox for a deal: For deal closure, the inbox is the safest place. Also, the dealers are more likely to accept your bargain in private message window rather than the comment box. 
  7. Make cash payments: Always deal in cash. If the seller asks you to send money through Western Union or another instant money method, skip the deal.
  8. Safety is important: make sure you collect your parcel in a public place. If you are going to take the item from home, stay at the doorstep and keep contact with family or friend over the phone.
  9. Facebook marketplace rules: Whether you are buying or selling products, you need to follow the specified rules, terms and conditions. So, read all the associated policies before making a purchase. 

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