Change Your Yahoo Password Before It’s Too Late

A Password is key to your protection over the web. Every web platform usually asks you to keep a password so that only rightful can access the respective account. Yahoo is no exception as it uses the password to allow access, and hence taking care of your password is quite necessary to maintain the security of your account. The foremost essential security measure is changing your account password regularly. Yahoo usually advises you to keep your password safe and this can be only done by changing your password inconsistent manner. If you are also looking for ways using which you can change your password without any pain, we have compiled the best password changing methods for Yahoo users in this piece of writing.

Before getting into the methods, first, let’s understand that

“Why you should often Change your password?”

  • If you keep changing your password, people who have accessed your account without your permission will no longer be able to use it. Most of the corporates maintain the “change it regularly policy to keep the predators at bay.
  • In order to fail the “Conjecturing” skills of hackers, it is important to keep changing your password from time to time. It is the simplest way to backfire the attempts of cyberpunks.
  • If you have accessed your Yahoo account on a public or insecure platform and forgot to logout, prevent the unauthorized use of your account by changing the password immediately.
  • To save your account from keystroke loggers, changing your password regularly is the best security measure.
  • People leaving the companies often tend to misuse the accounts and hence it is important to change the password if an individual is handing over the account back to the company.

If you are wondering that changing a password can single-handedly take bear the burden of account security, you are all wrong. It is also important to maintain the strength of your password so that the breaching attempts can be knocked out.

So, here we have explained the importance of a strong password:

There is no point of changing your password if you keep setting a weak password that can be guessed easily. So, the frequent change of password is only effective if you use a strong password. Most of us keep usual things such as DOBs, names, pet names and favorite slangs as password and people with foul intentions use the information to hack your account. So, do not compromise with the strength of your password, as it is the only barrier between your email data and data-thieves.

How to Change Yahoo Email Password

Using browser:

  • First, open the Yahoo mail sign-in page and log in
  • On your Yahoo inbox page, click on your name from the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Click in the “account info” option
  • From the Personal Info tab, go to “Account security”
  • Click on “Change password” option
  • Now on the set, a new password page, create a new password. You need to enter it twice.
  • Click Continue.
  • Now, your password is successfully changed

Using Yahoo mobile app:

  • Open the Mobile app and access the Menu tab
  • Now, click on the Manage Accounts option.
  • Click Account Info and then Security Settings
  • Type the security code
  • Click on Change Password
  • Select I would rather change my password
  • Type the new password and re-enter to confirm it
  • Click Continue to save the password.

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