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How to Login AOL Email | Fix All AOL Login Problems Now
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A Complete Guide to AOL Login and Issues

The market of AOL email services is continuously improving due to its top-notch quality and the ease to operate. Also, the number of AOL users is rapidly increasing. But there are few issues that can not be avoided, no matter how carefully you maintain your account and those are the “Logon errors”. However, with AOL, the login issues can be resolved without spending your money on expensive recovery tools or software.

So, first, see the right way to login to the AOL account to avoid unexpected AOL login problems.

How to Login into AOL Mail Account

From Browser:

  • First go to the
  • Enter your email id and click Next
  • Provide your password and click sign-in

From Android or iPhone:

  • First go to the email app of your device
  • Click on your profile icon
  • Select “Add account” and then Other
  • Now type your email address and password.
aol email login

But, before you login, you first need to setup the AOL account settings, if they are nor pre-configured. For this follow the instructions given underneath:

  • First, go to the Settings
  • Now look for the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars
  • Click on the Add Account and select Other
  • Choose the Add AOLMail account
  • Select IMAP under Incoming mail server and enter the information such as:
    • Hostname:
    • Username: email address
    • Password: your email password
  • Scroll down and in the Outgoing mail server, enter
  • Now, Click Save
  • Select SMTP in the outgoing mail server
  • In the main server, choose and enter
  1. SSL: ssl
  2. Server port: 587
    • Click done and then in the Advanced option, provide the information given below
    • SSL: SSL
    • Serverport:

So, make sure you are signing in the right way or else you will end up facing more and more errors. However, there are few glitches that appear even if you do everything right from your end.

If you are the one who is struggling with AOL login error, or curious to know about the topic, we got your back. Here below we are describing the apt solutions to various login errors.

Let’s first know what all reasons can cause AOL sign-in problems?

  • The Blank screen
  • The sign-in screen is not available
  • Entering the wrong credentials
  • Hacked AOL account
  • Browser related errors
  • Outdated AOL software
  • Locked AOL account

Start with Basic AOL Login Troubleshooting:

AOL services are browser-based and hence any issue with a browser can keep you from accessing your AOL email account. So first, fix your browser instead of going for advanced troubleshooting directly.

Clear the Leftovers:

The pieces cookies, cache, history, footprints and other junk on your browser needed to be cleared regularly. Though stored cookies help you log-in in a faster manner, keeping it for a long time can cause you more harm than good. Once you clear all the data, all junk and unnecessary files will be removed. If you have any important information, backup it somewhere before deleting.

Delete the Browser History:

Remove Browsing History in Firefox:

  • Open the Firefox Windows
  • Choose Options from the menu
  • Select Privacy and Security from the left pane
  • Now from the History section, choose Clear History
  • From the “Clear Recent History” window, change the Time Range to choose the desired time frame
  • Click on Clear Now and the data will be removed

Clear the Browsing History in Internet Explorer:

  • Go to the Internet Explorer browser window.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Del to access the Delete Browsing History option.
  • Now, Check the boxes for the data you want to delete.
  • Tap on Delete.

Clear History on Google Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome and click on three vertical dots from the right side corner
  • Select History or press ctrl+H
  • Select Clear Browsing Data from the left side of the screen
  • Choose the time from the “Time range
  • Click on “Clear now

This was the information for general troubleshooting. But if this doesn’t help, go to the Advance troubleshooting.

AOL Advanced Troubleshooting:

Modify the Browser Settings:

For fixing the sign-in issue, change the settings of your browser, using the below-given methods:

Change Security Settings:

Security settings are quite essential to manage, but sometimes the same settings keep you accessing various web services such as AOL, so here the solution according to which you should keep your security settings.

For Internet Explorer:

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser
  • Open the Internet Explorer and click on the Tools icon from the top right corner.
  • Select the Internet Options and click the “Security” Tab
  • Choose the Internet Zone and select “Enable Protection Mode”
  • Click OK
  • Next, Select the “trusted site zone”

After changing the settings, Restart the Internet Explorer to save the changes.

Important Note: Make sure you remove all add-ons from your browser. To do this Start button-> select ‘All Programs’->Accessories-> System Tools-> Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).

Mozilla Firefox:

To Fix the AOL login issues with Firefox, using the AOL account in Safe Mode is recommended. To do this, follow the steps:

  • Go to Firefox and open the menu bar
  • Now click on the Help button and select “Restart with Add-ons disabled”
  • Alternatively, press the Shift key while the time you start Firefox.
  • This will disable all the running Themes and extensions.

After altering the settings on your browser, it is important to modify the Windows Firewall settings on your device as it can act as a barrier while using AOL email services.

  • Using the Start menu, open the Control Panel on your device and search for “Windows Firewall”
  • Now select the “Allowed programs” option
  • Make sure the “HTTP:// *” is set as allowed else you would not be able to access AOL services.
  • Unselect the “Web Filtering” option
  • Restart your browser and try accessing the AOL sign-in page.

Fix the Log-in Issue: “GAH Error 7”

  • Go to your browser and open Internet options.
  • Now from the Security tab, choose the ‘Internet’ option.
  • Select Custom Level and search for the scripting menu
  • Now choose the “Active scripting” and then select “Scripting of Java Applets”
  • Now check the boxes against them and click OK
  • In the Privacy tab, click on the Advanced option and choose “Override Automatic cookies handling.”
  • In the first and third option, choose “accept”
  • Click OK and restart your browser to apply the changes.
  • Now try signing in to your AOL email account.

Fix the “AOL Icon is Missing” Issue:

This issue is the toughest to resolve among all other errors as the icon disappears and finding any option to open mail services becomes impossible. So the only solution to this issue is removing and Re-installing the entire AOL software, so for this try the steps written here below:

  • Open the desktop and search for AOL icon on your computer
  • Now, go to Control panel and look for “programs and features”
  • Search for American Online
  • Right-click on the icon and select Uninstall
  • Now, the AOL software will be deleted from your desktop.
  • Once, removed clear all the AOL related files and begin a fresh installation.
  • Download the AOL software from the official website.
  • Now go the File Explorer option on your desktop taskbar.
  • Look for the Downloads folder.
  • Now, Double click on the AOL icon to begin the installation.
  • Click Run.
  • Select Install Now.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

After reinstalling the AOL software, restart your device. This will clear the internal storage and thus making the AOL functioning even smoother.

AOL Sign in Issue-Blank Screen Error

One more common issue that occurs in AOL during the sign-in process, is getting a blank screen error. This issue befalls without giving prior warning, the moment you log in to the AOL account by entering the user name and password, the screen gets blank. However, you can overcome this issue by following underneath steps.

  • Sign out and then sign in back to AOL account

Sometimes, the perfect solution for any issue is always the simplest one. In order to resolve the problem, you need to sign out from the email and wait for a few moments and give it a try again. Most of the times this will fix the error.

  • Clear the cache, cookies, and history of browser

Every internet user must be aware of the temp internet files, cookies and browser history. It is suggested to remove these at regular intervals can help the device for smooth functioning. However, many times blank screen errors arise due to stored files, hence deleting these can resolve the problem.

  • Reset the web settings
  • Open Web Browser.
  • Select Options, Settings.
  • Scroll down and choose Advanced Settings.
  • You should see the Reset option.
  • Tap on Reset and agree to take the warning.
  • Hold your fire until the browser is reset.
  • Now, again login to AOL Mail Account.
  • Use Responsive URLs

A firewall is the main program that saves the device from the virus and other malware attacks. However, in order to fix the blank screen issue follow the underneath steps.

  • Open Control Panel on your device, and search for “Windows Firewall”.
  • Now tap on “Allowed Programs”.
  • Unclick the “web filtering” box and reboot your web browser.
  • Lastly, type the URL of the mail page on browser’s and check if the problem is getting fixed or not.

AOL Sign in Issue-Missing AOL Login Screen

AOL missing screen issue can be triggered by the cookies, cache, temp files, and history stored on the device. However, the AOL sign-in issues might arise because of installing multiple browsers on the device.

Fails to Log in to Verizon Email

To fix the login issues in Verizon emails first you need to update your password by following underneath steps.

  • Open the browser’s Settings
  • Tap on the ‘Password’ option, now and go to the Saved password page.
  • Next, the list will appear with AOL mail chose the one from it.
  • Now update the password and tap on ‘Done’ to finish the process.

Series of Blerk Errors in AOL Mail

Blerk 1

Blerk 1 error is also known as the authentication issue. In this error, sign in the process get crashed and this error started flashing on the screen. However, the reason behind the appearance of Blerk error is linked with the improper settings of the browser, especially when you are using the older or outdated version.

Resolve this error by performing the underneath steps.

Adjust browser settings

Sometimes browser's security settings can disturb the process of loading AOL Mail. Every browser has varied instructions for modifying their settings. Hence, go to the privacy setting of the browser and change it for resolving the Blerk error 1.

Update a saved bookmark

AOL mail URL has changed from time to time for security purposes, thus if you have bookmarked the old link, update it with the new one.

Blerk Error 3

Blerk error 3 also linked with the sign-in error, in this issue, you will get a successful login but end up facing issues in the mailbox. Hence delete the cookies, temp files and history to fix the error.

Blerk Error 4

In Blerk error 4, you will face problems in loading the mail, you can fix it by adjusting the browser and firewall settings.

  • Open the Firefox Windows
  • Choose Options from the menu
  • Select Privacy and Security from the left pane
  • Now from the History section, choose Clear History
  • From Clear Recent History Windows, change the Time Range to choose the desired time frame
  • Click on Clear Now and the data will be removed

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